GENR8 is a global sport nutrition company led by Anthony Almada, President and CEO. Mr. Almada co-founded EAS, the first sport nutrition company to commercialize creatine and effectively utilize research and intellectual property (e.g. patents) to create innovative, highly efficacious sport nutrition products. All of the products are backed by substantial university research evidence. Athletes/Fitness enthusiasts can be confident that the actual product they can buy is of superior effectiveness and free of banned/doping substances. That what the companies Proof Before PromisesTM means.

From the USA, GENR8 is a brand you can trust because it has been repeatedly tried, tested and trusted by top athletes in a wide variety of sporting disciplines over many years.

GENR8 pioneered the introduction of super soluble Vitargo in the USA and the UK (S2) and now introduces a much improved second generation product (VS2) with even bigger and better results;

The newVS2 has dial up or dial down versatility to enable you to tailor your dosage to your specific individual needs; for ‘top up’ energy; for Olympic ‘big style’ dosing for maximising performance; to overcome late afternoon fatigue or to fuel a competitive game or exercise session.

You can now dial up the effectiveness of other supplements by adding a small dose ofVS2 for example to hydrolysed Whey to increase the potency of muscle repair and building or with creatine to increase muscle strength.†  Increase your workout rate with the introduction of the VS2 proven ingredient technology, †  Improve your fatigue threshold with the VS2 anti-fatigue technology additive

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