13 LIVES NAILED IT (90 Capsules)

13 LIVES NAILED IT (90 Capsules)



13 Lives Nailed It

13 Lives Nailed It is not only a performance enhancer but also an intensive male hormone support system. This product will maximize your performance in two of the most important battlegrounds, The Bedroom and The Gym.

In the bedroom your ‘pump’ requirements are different than at the gym but both work in similar ways. We ensured that you will have your desired blood flow while simultaneously feeling the urge!

In the gym, this translates to higher natural free testosterone levels and phenomenal pumps when lifting!

V02 Max

Your cardio matters both in the bedroom and the gym floor. The addition of Cordyceps into our formula, allows for extra endurance as the ingredient is known to increase a person’s V02 Max significantly. Cordyceps is fantastic for fighters, crossfitters, and goers alike. This mushroom has been used by hunters for generations to increase stamina on hunts.

Focus and Cognition
Two very important aspects to any exercise or sporting activity, as is in the bedroom. Lions mane, a key ingredient in the product, is a unique mushroom which has been shown to significantly increase cognition, focus and mental agility. Lions mane is a great additive to this already potent blend as it improves blood flow which works in synergy with our formula as a whole.

Stack Safe
Nailed IT has been designed to stack well with our PCT me estrogen balance system. When combined, you create an anabolic environment and manage excess estrogen. These two products work in unison to drastically increase your free testosterone; therefore, you will notice muscle hardening and fat loss in problem areas which are common with estrogenic build up.

  • Massive Pumps
  • Increase libido
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Incredible Focus
  • Stack Safe

13 Lives Nailed It

Directions of Use: Take 3 Capsules in the morning before food


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