Animal Arms DVD

Animal Arms DVD



Animal Arms DVD

Follow Wrath As He Goes Through His Workout, Blasting His Guns! – Animal Arms DVD

Silence. Emptiness. Nothing. Then A Glimmer… Then a fucking flood. Crank up the music and roll up your sleeves fellas “cuz the void has just been filled. The ground under your feet is gonna rock. “Animal Arms,” the first installment of the Animal Training Series on DVD is here and ready to ship. Finally. Yeah, it’s been a long wait, and yeah, we’ve been getting requests for the past three years, but we know all of you expect only the finest from Animal and You’ve been coming here to get the low down on lifting, not as a pastime or a fucking “hobby”, but as a lifestyle, plain and simple. You also want it in a no bullshit way–just the facts, and no fucking hype. This is what you come here for and this is what we’re gonna deliver… “Animal Arms”. Featuring Wrath, this DVD is straightforward and to the fucking point. Pure 100% Animal motivation and inspiration. Workouts stale? Hit a plateau? Looking for some new ideas? Just looking for more? Then you want “Animal Arms”. No, you need “Animal Arms”. Get your own copy brothers–no more fucking around. Just remember, supplies are limited, so first come, first serve.

Duration: Approx. 30 minutes

Animal Arms DVD


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