APOC Vegan Meal Replacement (865g)

APOC Vegan Meal Replacement (865g)



APOC Vegan Meal Replacement

If you cover your daily essential nutrients with the APOC Vegan Meal Replacement shake you can fix loads of nutrition-related health issues. One shake a day covers half your daily essential protein and provides daily essential vitamins and minerals. As long as you’ve got that taken care of, you can be a little more lenient with what you eat for the rest of the day and still eat foods you love. It’s that easy.

Benefits of APOC’s Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

APOC Vegan Meal Replacement


In a shaker, measure the recommended amount of cold water or your favourite milk, then add the matching number of scoops based on your sex and age, then shake for 30 seconds. Alternatively, add the powder to a smoothie. Dilute further if it’s too thick for you. Recommended to have one shake per day.

*Children under 4 have special formula requirements. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 4 YEARS OF AGE.

Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Formulated meal replacement. Food not to be used as a total diet replacement. Do not use if seal is damaged or missing.

Store in a cool dry place. Consume by the used by date on the bag. After opening, keep the bag sealed. Some clumping of the powder may occur. Always use a dry scoop.

If you have a serious medical condition, seek professional advice before consuming this product.

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