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11 ways to commit to the gym

So it is 2020 and you have finally joined the gym!

The most important thing to say is congratulations.

The simple reality is signing up is the most important first step of joining the gym, a relationship that will lead to you becoming a better version of yourself.

But where to start?

The first thing to NOT do is get fazed.

Looking around at all that steel and iron and hearing that distinctive clanging can be daunting.

Seeing those outstanding physical specimens and more than one or two hardcore expressions (we will get to that later) can make a lot of gym very intimidating environments.

So without delay these are the ten ways to commit – making sure you don’t become one of the many people who quit after a short amount of time.

1) Don’t worry about other people. It is easy to judge yourself against others but even when you become an experienced trainer, you will continue to measure yourself against others (it is human nature).

2) Be flexible with your rules. If you can’t make the Monday training session, try to go later in the day, or just go tomorrow. One, two or five missed sessions will quickly stack up and lead to you losing faith.

3) Be competitive. If not with others (such as friends or loved ones), then be competitive with yourself. Always try to better yourself – that is the key to self improvement.

4) Make it about how you look. Nothing motivates an individual like the reflection in the mirror or visualisation of your new body and future success.

5) Or don’t make it about you look! It might be about having more energy to play with your kids. It might be that you are sick of struggling up flights of stairs. Set a personal improvement goal.

6) Remember that you are spending money. The secret to functional training facilities is that they charge OVER DOUBLE for a limited number of visits where you are basically part of a group personal training session. A gym doesn’t have the same financial incentive to go but you have more machines, greater variety, classes and of course the ability to train at your own place.

7) Get dressed for the gym. This en-clothed cognition for your brain starts the process of getting you out the door.

8) Turn up. The old adage that 50% of any job is turning up applies to gyms. HOWEVER YOU MUST DO SOMETHING IN THE GYM!!!

9) Go early. Sometimes a day at work is just an eight hour window to give you an excuse not to go. Sometimes earlier is better.

10) Don’t forget the other elements that come with training – such as recovery and clean eating. Training is critically important, but your success and results will accelerate with the right rest and the proper diet.

11) Put your game face on. You will notice some lifters walking around like they are a living incarnation of Arnold or Sly direct from their action movies. Sometimes it looks ridiculous, but try it yourself, it certainly helps sharpen up your focus.

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