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Omega Sciences Whey – Rapidly Absorbed

If you are seeking a rapidly absorbed source of protein to boost your workout, then the Omega Sciences Whey protein blend is for you. A well-balanced protein powder blend helps to ensure that your body is fueled with the ideal nutrients during exercise.

With hundreds of brands now competing for the lead in the protein powder space, how do you know which best supplements your dietary and activity needs? And how essential is a protein supplement? If you’re unsure about the role of protein in your diet and how to optimise its consumption and support your fitness goals, Supplement City is here to help.

What Does Protein Do For The Body?

Protein is essential for the bodies day to day necessary functions, but it also helps you gain lean muscle
And aids in muscle growth and repair. Every single cell in the human body has protein contained within it, without adequate protein intake, your body cannot repair or make new cells.

Protein helps fuel our bodies and deliver the necessary energy to participate in everyday life when exercising our energy needs are higher. This is why the consumption of a rapidly absorbed protein source, such as Omega Sciences whey protein blend is recommended.

Preparation of a fast-absorbing protein shake before exercise ensures that your body will be adequately fueled for optimal performance while working out.

Why Rapid Absorption Of Protein Is Ideal

So why won’t any old protein powder do? Well, the truth is that of course there are many ways to get more protein in your diet before working out, however rapid absorption is the gold standard.

The rapid absorption of protein delivers all the essential amino acids to your cells that are required for energy and cell maintenance while under pressure. They are especially beneficial post-workout when your muscles need some TLC to recover.

Whey protein is one of the fastest absorbed protein sources due to the ease with which they are digested and rapidly broken down. Whey protein can be absorbed at a rate of up to 10 grams per hour, with studies showing that 30 grams of protein per meal can boost muscle synthesis and growth by up to 50%, protein shakes provide an easy, quick way to optimise muscle development.

Does Rapid Absorption Cause Digestive Discomfort?

The rapid absorption of pure whey protein isolate has been linked to bloating, intestinal

distress, cramps and gas in some individuals. However, this has very little to do with how quickly the protein is absorbed and much more to do with an inability to digest lactose.

Rapid absorption may cause these symptoms to appear quickly after consuming a protein shake, but it is the lactose intolerance that is causing the digestive discomfort. For those with lactose intolerance, we recommend limiting your consumption of whey-based protein or switching to a plant-based protein such as pea protein.

Whey Protein Vs Pea Protein (vegan protein)

Pea based proteins or vegan proteins are also effective at providing additional protein however they do not offer the same protein density or benefits as a whey-based option. When it comes to absorption, pea protein is not as rapidly absorbed as whey-based proteins either. While ideal for those with lactose intolerance, pea protein is rich in purines which the body converts to uric acid. Purines, when consumed excessively can cause uric acid to build up in the body leading to joint inflammation.

Ultimately, whey is one of the most rich sources of high-quality protein available. Whey also delivers high levels of calcium and potassium for enhanced bone health and strength. Unless you have significant concerns regarding lactose, whey-based protein will always be the better option for meeting your protein needs.

Why Omega Sciences 100% Whey Protein Is The Ideal Fast Absorbing Protein

Created in line with strict laboratory testing criteria, Omega Sciences protein powders rapidly deliver amino acids, the ideal building blocks necessary for muscle growth and repair. Omega Sciences product meets not only the protein needs of its users but passes the drinkability test also.

Containing just 1 gram of sugar per serve, their blend of high-purity whey isolate (primary protein source, BTW), ultra-filtered whey concentrate, and speedy whey hydrolysate delivers an exceptional balance of clean macros, great taste and unsurpassed quality. Skip gluggy, unpalatable protein powders and opt for the rapidly absorbed range of whey protein powders from Omega Sciences.

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