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What is testosterone?

At no point in human history has testosterone in men been so low.

We have never been more stressed and we are forced to think about more things than ever before.

There are more airborne factors (such as radiation) in the air while poor diets and lack of exercise are causing increased levels of disease which affect testosterone levels.

So what exactly is testosterone?

First of all, despite some people saying otherwise, both men and woman produce testosterone.

As per the word testosterone, the primary production source is, naturally, the testicles.

But women also produce it via their ovaries, however in far lessor amounts.

This is part of Supplement City’s in depth series on Testosterone, one of the most important measures of one’s ability to build strength and muscle.


It is measured via nanomoles per litre (nmol/l).

The healthy rating in Australia is a source of some contention.

For men aged 21 to 35, the normal range is 10.4 to 30.1nmol/l while for those aged 70 to 89, the normal range is 6.4 to 25.7nmol/l.

There is technically no medically agreed “normal range” for males aged 36 to 69.

In 2016, the Endocrine Society of Australia recommended medical testosterone treatment only for men who have what is known as “pathological hypogonadism”.

This is often bad news, meaning you have testicular disease or pituitary failure.

If your nmol/l rating was eight, you qualified for a government subsidy. That has since been lowered to six.

The most obvious results of low testosterone is lower muscle mass (but not in particularly a drop of strength) or increase fat tissue.

Often the latter results in gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue. This effect occurs due to an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen within men.

However, increased testosterone can also result in this condition.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to increase your testosterone naturally without going to the doctor or resorting to steroids.

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