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Five reasons why protein is so important for immunity

If you were stranded on an island in the middle on nowhere and had to eat just one type of food, it would be hard to go past protein.

Everybody knows that protein is used for a variety of muscle activities.

From building and growing muscle – through to maintenance and repair.

Protein is also, despite the above, a very efficient energy source.

Proteins are complex molecules which means the body takes longer to break them down.

This means they are a slower and longer lasting source of energy compared to carbohydrates.

But what few people know is how protein aids the immune system.


Protein fights viral and bacterial infections. Antibodies and immune system response cells rely on protein. Too little protein leads to a wide variety of issues beyond immune system weakness such fatigue and ultimately muscle wastage. The wrong food will not fuel your ability to fight illness.


All antibodies are made of protein. B cells (a type of white blood cell) produce and secrete millions of antibodies (immunoglobuilin) which bind to foreign substances that invade the body – such as pathogens or viruses. More protein = more antibodies.


Protein, and the amino acids that form them, are the building blocks of all the body’s cells. This includes the powerhouse cells – the white blood cells. The more quality protein you consume, the more white blood cells you manufacture which in turn combats antigens (toxins or other foreign substances which induce an immune response in the body).


Consuming a high quality protein every meal has added benefits beyond fueling your body with the best quality food. Nearly all lean proteins have high doses of Zinc, Vitamin D and other super supplements which automatically enhance the immune system.


Protein, in food or powder form, helps you feel full for longer which leads to healthier eating and a cleaner diet, which eventually makes you look better. Never underestimate the power of eating protein for overall health, not just immunity protection.


More protein = more muscles = better immunity

More protein = more muscles = faster metabolism

More protein = more muscles = more efficiency in everything from moving to thinking

More protein = more muscles = more self-love in the mirror 😁

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