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Is Glutamine the most important supplement?

Everyday there seems to be a new supplement on the market.

On top of this, plenty of these supplements are given fancy names to help them appeal to the general population via mass marketing.

Supplement City constantly updates their range with some of these.

Some of their names might suggest they are excessive, products such as Alpha Neon Dark Shred or Factions Labs Disorder are among the most potent pre-workouts on the market.

One supplement that will never have a fancy title is Glutamine.

It is a bit like muscles.

Never are muscles referred to as anything else but muscles.

The muscular system consists of skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles.

Cardiac muscles as per the name are around the heart, constituting striated muscles around the main tissue of the walls of the most important organ in the body.

Smooth muscles are those outside of the traditional muscles.

They are found in the walls of organs (such as the stomach), arteries and the tracts of the respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems.

Skeletal muscles are the most important when it comes to bodybuilding.

When it comes to skeletal muscles…

Glutamine is KING!

Here at Supplement City we believe, as do most, that Glutamine is one of the most important supplements you can take when training.

More to the point, Glutamine is so important that it is crucial to any human being (more on that later…)

Over 60% of skeletal muscle consists of Glutamine.


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On top of this, Glutamine is approximately 19% nitrogen.

This makes this all-important supplement one of the primary transporters of nitrogen into muscle cells.

It also is key when it comes to:

  • Anti-catabolism
  • Protein metabolism and synthesis
  • Cell volumizing

When training, Glutamine levels are depleted heavily.

This results in rapid decreases in recovery, as well as strength and stamina at the time.

It can take nearly a week for Glutamine levels to return to healthy levels (without supplementation).

Countless studies have shown that consistent supplementation prevents breakdown of muscles.

So Glutamine isn’t merely useful for muscle maintenance, but it’s effects in this area are crucial for individuals cutting down.

What else can Glutamine help with?

Outside of training benefits, Glutamine is crucial to the small intestines.

As intestinal health is so important to overall human wellness, Glutamine is the most important amino acid you can take.

Glutamine is also a powerful aid when it comes to maintaining the immune system.

This last point is critical.

Glutamine is used by white blood cells and is useful for individuals suffering from major illnesses (such as cancer or AIDS) as it prevents muscle wasting.

Some believe that one’s susceptibility to these diseases can come from Glutamine deficiency.

Supplement City stocks Glutamine in both pill and powder form – with the latter being absorbed faster.

Unlike many supplements Glutamine is not harmful in high doses.

The recommended dose is 5 grams at a time – up to 15-20 grams per day.

It can cause minor stomach issues at high doses, but nothing that presents major health concerns.


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