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Three supplements everybody should use

It is easy to assume when walking around the gym as an experienced lifter that many people have access to the same knowledge.

The reality is that supplement knowledge is like weight training info itself.

It is acquired over years.

You will then find an insidious element to the supplement recommendation game:

– Like steroid users, many supplement users are surprisingly private when it comes to what products they are using.

– Some gym and/or supplement shops will sell or recommend products that are not specific to your general needs, or worse, sell supplements that have little benefit or are produced for profit only.

– There are more supplements, and products, then ever before, with the industry booming and it is hard to find genuine quality in a marketplace where everyone wants a quick buck (YOUR quick buck).

At Supplement City, we want to HELP YOU find the right supplements for you, so here is a quick top list for beginners (or a refresher for those more experienced out there).


Protein is a building block of the modern human.

Quite simply there is no supplement as important to your training.

There are numerous guidelines but for most people a gram per kilo of body weight will transform your nutritional profile (for the better) – while most experienced weight trainers are recommended to have at least two grams.

The most popular protein is whey, which is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled or strained.


No single supplement has been more widely researched than creatine, and while it has one very popular side effect (the creatine bloat) it’s benefits are so wide that holding a bit of extra water is an accepted negative.

Creatine is naturally found in muscle cells, with nearly 95% of that being stored in muscles via phosphocreatine (the remaining 5% is found in brain, kidney and livers).

The latter (phosphocreatine) is a form of stored energy in the cells, the more of this energy is stored, the human body’s ability to increase it’s ATP reserves increase (the more ATP, the better one’s performance during exercise).

It also alters several processes on a cellular level, including muscle mass and strength recovery.


Outside of the above two supplements, it is difficult to argue that there is no more effective single amino acid for so many elements of health than glutamine.

It is the ultimate post workout drink, and drinking it following intensive exercise instantly replenishes the ATP stores (as per above).

As per it’s brilliance as a supplement, it can be taken morning or evening, with dosage in the latter proving through many studies to aid sleep quality.

It is also a handy supplement to have at night, for it has been proven to eliminate alcohol cravings.

But when it comes general health, Glutamine is king.

It is considered a necessary building block of a strong immune system, while significant amounts (5g) have been showed to result in dramatic improvement to gastro health.

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