EHP Labs Glutamine

EHP labs Glutamine is HPLC tested to ensure that it is the highest quality pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine.

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle cells, comprising over 60% of skeletal muscle. L-Glutamine promotes lean muscle protein synthesis and natural human growth hormone release. Research studies have also shown L-Glutamine to promote gut health and boost immunity.


  • – Promotes lean muscle growth and fat reduction
  • – Minimizes breakdown of muscles
  • – Increases levels of natural human growth hormone
  • – Improves protein metabolism
  • – Improves focus and concentration

What is glutamine?

Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can be produced by your body, but is one of the most important supplements you need for physical training. This is due to the fact that the majority of your glutamine is stored in muscles, so a significant amount (~50%) can be lost after an intense workout. This makes glutamine one of the most important supplements there is for those who visit the gym regularly or are bodybuilders. It has anti-catabolic effects to reduce muscle wasting and improve muscle anabolism, helps to hydrate muscle cells, improves immune function, boost growth hormone levels and increase glycogen storage.

How many servings of glutamine can I take per day?

What’s the serving size?? Recommended to start at 5g and work your way up…

What time of day should I take glutamine

Glutamine should be taken immediately post-workout as your intramuscular levels will be at their lowest, and it will have the greatest absorption and uptake at that time. On non-training days, it is best taken in the morning.

What makes EHP Labs Glutamine the the highest grade glutamine?

Here at EHPLabs, our scientists have worked tirelessly to create the highest quality of L-Glutamine – it is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine with no added fillers or cheap bulking ingredients that some other supplements may have.

Is glutamine stack safe with any other products from the EHP labs range?

Yes, our glutamine has been scientifically designed to be stack safe with all of our EHPLabs products.

I’m new to the gym – is glutamine essential to my progression?

Being new to the gym, glutamine will be of large benefit to you as it will help you to maximise the effects of your workouts and help with your progression throughout your journey. As it helps to prevent muscle breakdown, enhances growth hormone levels and helps to hydrate your muscle cells, it will assist you to achieve your goals and progress in a faster way than you would without it.

What positive effects does glutamine have for me outside of the gym?

Glutamine is a crucial amino acid in your body and plays many roles. Even outside of the gym, glutamine is used by your body in high amounts during periods of stress, helps to improve immune function, supports digestive health, mental wellness and also helps to improve muscle glycogen stores independent of insulin.

EHP Labs Glutamine

Directions: Take 1 to 2 scoops with 10 oz (295ml) of water. Do not exceed 3 scoops in one day.

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