Pure Solutions Pure IGF (30ml)

Pure Solutions Pure IGF (30ml)



Pure Solutions Pure IGF

Pure Solutions Pure IGF is high potency extract of these naturally occurring Growth Factors, as we age, our Human Growth Hormone production decreases, and thus, so does our production of vitality promoting Growth Factors.

Recent research has shown Growth Factor levels play a vital role in anti-aging, recovery and endurance.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult a qualified professional before undertaking any health, fitness or dietary program.

Pure Solutions Pure IGF

Serving Size: 30 drops

Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredient Amount Per Serve

Pure IGF (Proprietary Deer Velvet Extract) 5mg

Other ingredients: Purified Water, 39% v/v USP Alcohol.

Directions: Shake well before each use. As a dietary supplement: Hold 30 drops sublingually for 90 seconds per dose.

Manufacturer’s Disclaimer: If you are pregnant or lactating consult a health care practitioner before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.


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