Sting Power Pro Lifting Hooks

Sting Power Pro Lifting Hooks



Sting Power Pro Lifting Hooks

Features: Sting Power Pro Lifting Hooks

  • Single piece heavy duty 2.5 inch wide metal hook
  • Deluxe ¼ inch think, 2 ½ inch wide neoprene padded wrist cuff
  • Single piece die cast HD stainless steel buckle
  • Wrist cuff reinforced with heavy duty oversized webbing
  • Hook and look closure for easy adjustment and secure fit

Evolution is in our DNA, the product we develop is designed to be functional in every respect, from the way you use it to the way you store it and maintain it. We have evolved our range of weight training products and accessories to support you, strengthen you, help you engage your training with undeniable passion to reach your next goal. We offer a one stop selection for your training needs. Maximising the use of premium quality materials with cutting edge design and manufacturing techniques encapsulated in refined styling. Select your gear,show your gear, show your level of commitment, finish the rep, finish the set, finish the session, no excuses.


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