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Protein masterclass: Introducing Isolates

Not all proteins are created equal, either in quality or in price.

When it comes to both quality and price, you will find that WPI (or Whey Protein Isolate) is at the upper end of the scale.

Whey protein is a mix of proteins made from whey.

Whey is the liquid part of the milk that separates during cheese production.

While Whey concentrate is considered one of the more pure forms of proteins, it still has some carbs and fats present in it’s formulas.

Isolate and it’s cousin – hydroisolate – are so pure when it comes to protein that they are instantly absorbed.

This means that for empty hungry muscles, taking an isolate means instant replenishment.

Isolate protein isn’t just for the post workout window.

The consumption of super high quality protein before (and after!) is important as before the body can absorb it, the nutrients need to pass through the small intestine before it can be transported to the bloodstream.

Animal proteins take hours to be broken down and absorbed.


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An isolate protein absorbs immediately through the small intestine and is the best supplement to take immediately post workout (alongside glutamine).

It is however very light on carbohydates due to the deliberate production process, but it is important to note that the tighter production methods result in lower overall lactose.

Isolate, like concentrate, contains all of the nine essential amino acids, but as mentioned earlier a higher quality production method leads to higher overall cost.

There has been some negative press about whey isolate over the years, but most of this media is false news.

Leading this charge is the fact it is a ‘denatured’ protein (Denatured = more processed)

Make no mistake, isolate is in fact one of the most denatured proteins.

It’s production process, which removes most of the sugars, fats and lactose from the powders, does make it “further removed from nature”.

However it is the growing market for cheap and dirty proteins that hurts Isolate’s reputation.

The proliferation of cheap protein on the market has become chronic, with some supplement companies happy selling low grade mass produced protein to booster profits.

Whey Protein Isolate isn’t cheap.

In fact, selling proper WPI will make some companies cheap mass produced rubbish powders seem even more appealing to the uneducated athlete.

So don’t be put off by crazy reverse marketing about Isolates.

They are costly to produce compared to other protein blends (not so much compared to Casein) and are not recommended for regular consumption.

However when it comes to a fast absorbing pre-workout fuel, an immediate refueling post-workout drink, or a quick dose of protein when you body needs it first thing in the morning – nothing beats Whey Protein Isolate.

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