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The Curvelle Lifestyle Book

The Curvelle Lifestyle Book, Quite arguably – Jenny Hendershott possesses one of the most admired physiques in the world of women’s fitness. In fact, she has worked hard to become America’s most recognizable face and sought-after body in the fitness community. And after holding the two most prestigious titles in women’s professional fitness, the Ms. Fitness Olympia and Ms. Fitness International Champion, at the same time, that is respectably so. But ask anyone who has met her, and they’ll tell you she is not only one of the hardest working women in fitness, but she is absolutely the most passionate and energetic fitness competitor you will ever meet. Jenny has since turned her passion and love for helping others into the world-famous Phat Camps, where she focuses on encouraging women to develop self-confidence by improving the way they look and feel through healthy nutritional practices and regular exercise. And now, inside The Curvelle Lifestyle, Jenny reveals her highly coveted secrets and personalized plan to help you sculpt your best body and live your absolute best life.

INSIDE THE CURVELLE LIFESTYLE, YOU’LL DISCOVER: * All the powerful, proven techniques Jenny has learned in her 15-plus years, boiled down to a personalized 9-week plan. * One dynamic blueprint (including easy-to-prepare recipes) that makes eating fun, delicious, as well as nutritious! * How to turn ordinary, boring workouts and cardio into fun, exhilarating, body-sculpting exercises that you’ll actually look forward to doing. * An action-promoting format guaranteed to take your body to the next level, as you learn how to maximize your efforts from working out (even in the comfort of your own home). * How you can burn fat faster than you ever imagined… slim your thighs, re-shape and tighten your buttocks, and finally reveal your natural, beautiful, sexy curves!

The Curvelle Lifestyle Book


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