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Supplement City company spotlight: Optimum Nutrition

Few supplement brands around the world have the reputation of Optimum Nutrition.

They are also one of the longest operating supplement companies in history, with foundations dating back to 1986.

Optimum Nutrition also has the distinction of being one of the few supplement companies that has products in every category in their class.

From proteins and preworkouts through to vitamins and minerals, they are now distributed in over 70 countries and our stocked in over 10,000 retail outlets in the United States alone.

They are arguably best known for producing Gold Standard 100% Whey.

Perhaps their flagship product, it is the world’s best selling whey protein.

Renowned as innovators, they produced the first slow digesting protein, Gold Standard 100% Casein.

They also created the planet’s first all-round Amino mix (or the anytime energy category) in the form of Essential Amino Energy.


Optimum Nutrition was founded by brothers Tony and Michael Costello.

The company was originally known as Costello’s Health Distributors and was rebranded to Optimum Nutrition a few years later.


In 2008 Glanbia, the giant Irish nutrition group, brought Optimum Nutrition for $315 million (USD).

It was Glanbia’s first such acqusition.

They have since brought BSN, Isopure, Nutramino, ABB, thinkThin, Amazing Grass, Body & Fit and SlimFast.

The purchase ensured that Optimum Nutrition’s status as a supplement powerhouse continued to grow.

Their flagship headquarters in Downer’s Grove, Illinois is one of the biggest supplement production facilities in the world.

It is approximately 600,000 square feet and, as fans of Optimum Nutrition have come to expect, they take quality control very seriously.

How serious?

It is estimated that Optimum Nutrition actually discard more protein powder (as it doesn’t meet their quality standards) than most companies actually produce!

This same mantra applies to their entire range of products.

They don’t regard themselves as a supplement company just for gym goers, lifters and bodybuilders.

It is a company that appreciates that supplements actually benefit EVERYONE – based on the fact that protein powder (the most popular supplement) is good for many aspects of human health, including immunity.

Optimum Nutrition manufacture their products with such quality for example it is rare to see their powders, across any brand, lose their consistency.

A Certificate of Analysis is required for every Optimum Nutrition product, and there are daily inspections their Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) compliant facilities, which are GMP Registered.

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