John O'Neills

John O'Neills

It’s the John O’Neills Coenzyme Q10 that’s made from the highest quality raw material using a 12 – stage fermentation process and retains the ‘LIFE FORCE’ of the negatively charged electrons. In our personal experience, John O’Neill’s CoQ10 is the best CoQ10 on the market.

With his many years of practical experience with the testing of numerous brands of Coenzyme Q10 both local and overseas, he may be regarded as the world’s foremost authority on CoQ10 brand testing. He is the author of a highly revealing book on energy production, ‘Breaking the Sound Barrier of Human Energy Potential’. Through his book, John is trying to tell all fitness aspirants, athletes, bodybuilders and other health enthusiasts, the safe and yet effective way of attaining their goal in the fitness arena without the danger of long-term permanent bodily injury.)

Seventeen years spent testing about 100 different Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone, Ubidecaronene) formulations, attempting to improve absorption, delivery and efficiency of Coenzyme Q10 into the aerobic energy systems within human cells (mitochondria) has been my overwhelming “passion of life.”

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